The state-of-the-art ΜΤΝ 4G mobile telephony network "breaks" the boundaries of speed, offering an advanced online experience and changing everything in your everyday communication. 

With ΜΤΝ 4G you can upload and download large files within a few seconds, watch high definition TV, break every record in online multiplayer games, enjoy cloud services in lightning-fast speed and many more.

In the videos below, you can check out the spectacular user experience of 4G vs 3G in all online activities!

Speed Test Browsing Uploading Downloading Streaming  Gaming

Find out all the benefits that MTN 4G offers vs 3G at a glance:


To experience the superfast speeds of MTN 4G, you need to:

1. Be an MTN plan subscriber:

2. Use a device that:

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1. Is there any difference in the Internet & Calls’ charges, when using the MTN 4G network?

No, the charges remain exactly the same.

2. Can my device connect to MTN 4G network?

Currently our network supports smartphones and tablets with LTE Band 3 and Frequency 1800MHz, but there is a possibility that some devices might not be compliant.

3. Do I need new settings on my device to connect to the MTN 4G network?

There’s no need to change the APN settings on your device, just make sure that you have selected the 4G network connection. To enable 4G/LTE on your 4G enabled device in simple steps, click here

4. If I proceed with a software update, will my phone data, for example contacts and photos be affected?

It is always recommended that users complete a backup, prior to any software update.

5. How can I monitor my data usage?

You can easily monitor how many data you used by:

  • Sending an SMS to 1155 with the indication “INV”
  • Creating your personal account at MyMTN
6. Do I need a new SIM card, in order to access MTN 4G network?

There is no need to change your SIM card. In the case that you face any issue, you may visit your nearest MTN Store.

7. Can I make voice calls with MTN 4G network?

Currently calls are conducted using 3G/2G networks only, but you will still be able to make voice calls through your 4G mobile handset. Just make sure that you have selected the correct settings, so that your device can switch to 3G or 2G, if needed. If you have set your device to 4G/LTE only, then you will not be able to complete your calls.

8. Can I use ΜΤΝ 4G network when I am abroad?

Currently MTN subscribers enjoy the MTN 4G network only within Cyprus. In the near future 4G roaming services will also be available.

9. I own a Broadband in a Box device. Does it support ΜΤΝ 4G?

If you have the Broadband in a box, Huawei E5180 device, then you can access MTN 4G Network, but you also need to upgrade to MTN 4G Broadband in a Box Large or XLarge plan. For more info, click here

10. I am subscribed to MTN Multi SIM service. Will I be able to experience 4G?

Multi SIM service seamlessly supports 4G/3G and even 2G. However, to access MTN 4G network via the devices connected to the service, you need to:

  • Be an MTN subscriber
  • Own devices that support MTN 4G
  • Activate the correct internet settings
If one or more of your devices can only connect to 3G or 2G network, then you’ll have to consider replacing it with a new 4G enabled device.