Frequently Asked Questions


What options do I have in terms of fixed telephony and internet from MTN?

You may choose one of the MTN at Home plans made available by MTN, depending on the telecommunication needs you wish to cover. You will find more information on the plans HERE.

How would I know which MTN at Home plan is best for me?

You will choose the plan according to the internet speed you wish to have. If you do not already know what you need, our personnel at the MTN Stores, the MTN Telesales Department at 800 10 800 or the stores of our selected associates will help you find an answer to all your questions.

I do not want to change my phone number. May I keep my existing number?

You do not have to change your number. You may keep it and simply transfer your line to MTN. You just have to choose a plan and MTN will take care of the rest.

What exactly does an MTN at Home plan include?

The main feature of the MTN at Home plans is the fact that you can enjoy unlimited calls from your fixed line to all fixed lines all over Cyprus, whether these are MTN subscribers or not. Moreover, you can enjoy unlimited calls to all MTN mobile telephony subscribers. Of course, there are some restrictions concerning calls abroad and calls to premium rate numbers. Besides the unlimited calls, you will also enjoy unlimited and fast internet access at home, with MTN’s high-speed network.

MTN can provide even more privileges and benefits following installation of your line – you can learn all about them HERE.

Which calls are NOT included in the unlimited airtime offered by the plans?

The plans do not include calls abroad, calls to directory assistance numbers, and calls to premium rate numbers. For more information, click HERE.

Are the telephony services, the e-mail, and the static IP charged separately?

No. These services are included in your plan. Your plan includes telephone services free of charge (call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, voicemail, etc.), free e-mail account and spam filter, free static IP, free provision of high standard equipment and its installation, which will be carried out by our trained personnel, and many more.

How can I activate or deactivate the free telephony services provided for my fixed line?

The free telephony services included in your plan and the codes to activate or deactivate them using your device are:

Telephony serviceActivation codeDeactivation code
Call forwarding*#*21*##21
Caller IDActive by defaultBy calling 136
Call waiting*#*43*##43
Call return*#*69*##92#

In cases where the modem is Zyxel, all activation and deactivation codes mentioned above must be used without the prefix *#

Could I become an MTN fixed line and internet subscriber even if I do not have a fixed line at home?

Of course! MTN will make all necessary arrangements so that you may connect.

How do I become an MTN fixed line subscriber? Where should I go?

There are many ways to become an MTN subscriber:

  1. By visiting any of the MTN Stores, all over Cyprus
  2. By calling the MTN Telesales Department at 800 10 800 free of charge
  3. By visiting any store of our selected associates
How can I know whether there is coverage in my area?

MTN provides coverage nationwide. You only have to choose the plan that serves your needs and MTN will take care of the activation, the transfer of the line or the installation of a new line.

I am already an MTN mobile telephony subscriber. Could I combine it with fixed telephony and internet?

Yes, and this will even be to your benefit since by creating MTN TriplePlay (fixed, mobile telephony and internet), you will get a discount on the monthly fee of your fixed line, FOR EVER.

How long will it take to process my application and activate my fixed line?

The process is completed within 15 working days. In the event of any delays, MTN will inform you in a timely manner about such possibility. This may be the case if there are delays due to external factors that are out of MTN’s control, such as rejection of a portability application by the current provider, incomplete documentation, etc.

May I use my own equipment with the fixed telephony service?

You cannot use your own modem/router. However, you can connect your own equipment to the modem provided by MTN. It will be necessary, though, to make all required arrangements and for that, you should contact the MTN Call Center by calling 136.

How can I obtain billing information regarding fixed telephony?

For any information or billing matters, you may contact the MTN Call Center by calling 136 or visit any of the MTN Stores all over Cyprus.

How can I obtain information on technical matters?

For any information concerning technical matters, you may contact the MTN Call Center by calling 136.

How can I enter my fixed number in the directory of MTN and that of other providers?

It is easy to record your number in the directory. Call the MTN Call Center at 136 or visit any MTN store and provide your identity card.

Is my telephone service affected by the use of internet?

No. You may use your telephone line and surf on the internet at the same time, without affecting the quality of the telephone service.

What equipment does MTN provide to the services through ADSL technology?

FRITZ! Box 7360 is provided. It is the ideal option for a domestic network, since it combines a high-performance ADSL modem and a router in one single device. Moreover, it has an advanced telephone system and it may be used as a media server. In addition, it offers the option of forwarding faxes via e-mail and plenty of other functions.

Note: In order to be able to enjoy proper functioning of the above services, specific devices are required.

Does the internet electronic identity (IP) remain the same at all times?

All fixed telephony and internet services are provided with a fixed electronic identity (IP).

What is VoIP (broadband) telephony?

Voice over IP characterises a group of protocols-technologies, which offers voice exchange in real time through the internet network.

What is the difference between VoIP (broadband) and traditional (PSTN - analogue) telephony?

The process of making a call and using the devices is identical to traditional telephony (PSTN). The difference is in the use of the circuits. This technology allows conversion of the digital signal into an analogue one through the internet network, enabling phone calls.

Can the in-building wiring of my house cause losses in the internet speed?

The speed of access to the internet depends on many factors such as the distance between your house and the internet substation, the quality of the in-building wiring of your house, as well as other imponderables. The Mbps speed mentioned (Mega bits per second) is the maximum speed possible based on the capacities of your area and your premises without affecting the stability of your connection.

Do fixed telephony and internet services function when there is no electricity supply?

No. It is not feasible to provide the services when electricity provision is interrupted.

How do I restart the modem?

If you wish to restart your modem, simply disconnect the power cable.

How can I open additional ports in my modem?

You can call the MTN Call Center at 136; they will help you open the ports you wish.

Is it possible to receive the monthly bill for the fixed telephony and internet services via e-mail?

Yes. Simply give us your e-mail and you will receive your electronic bill as early as the next month. Click HERE for more information on how you can give us your e-mail address.