MTN VoiceMail

The MTN Voicemail service for Fixed Telephony is a way for someone to communicate with you when you are unable to take a call. The service is enabled by default to all subscribers of MTN at Home plans and is free of charge.

The caller can leave a voice message in your voicemail when:

  • you are unable to answer a call
  • your line is busy
  • you have all your incoming calls forwarded to your voicemail

Then, the caller will automatically connect to your voicemail to leave you a voice message.

Activate MTN Voicemail service on your Fixed Telephony line

Call 121 from your telephone device, select your preferred language, dial your 4 digit passcode and press #.

You can then choose the call forward option from the menu.

Listen to your voice messages

To listen to your voice massages, call 121 and dial your 4-digit passcode.

If you want to listen to your voice messages from another phone line, call 0035796121121, dial your phone number, then your 4-digit passcode and follow the instructions:

  • Press 1 to listen to your messages
  • Press 4 to listen to the message again
  • Press 5 for the date and time the message was received
  • Press 6 to proceed to the next message
  • Press 7 to delete the specific message
  • Press 8 to save the specific message
  • Press * to return to the previous menu
  • Press 0 for assistance
Your voice messages can remain in your voicemail for a specific time period
  • New voice messages you have not heard yet, are kept in your voicemail for 10 days.
  • New voice messages that you have heard but did not delete, will remain in your voicemail for 24 hours.
  • If you wish, you can store up to 20 messages of 30’’ each. The saved voice messages, will remain in your voicemail for 14 days.
To leave a voice message to another MTN subscriber’s voicemail

Dial 121 and then add the phone number of the person you wish to contact.

How can I record a personal welcoming message for my voicemail

To record a personal voicemail welcoming message, call 121 and follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Press 2 for personal options
  • Step 2: Press 2 for the welcome menu
  • Step 3: Press 2 for the personal welcoming message options
  • Step 4: Press 2 to record your personal message
  • Step 5: Press 3 to save your recorded message
  • Step 6: Press 4 to exit the menu

For more information contact the MTN Call Center at 136.