MTN Data Booster

Is your data volume running low? Activate the ΜΤΝ Data Booster!

When the data volume of your plan is running low, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop surfing the internet or that you have to surf with out of bundle rates. You may simply activate the MTN Data Booster service with a low fee and continue surfing with the new data volume you will receive, depending on your MTN plan! You are basically buying a small data bundle to last you until your account is credited again with the inclusive date of the following month.

How will I know that my data volume has almost run out?
When you have reached 80% usage of your inclusive data, MTN will inform you via SMS that your inclusive data is about to run out. You may then activate the MTN Data Booster that corresponds to your plan.

Which ΜΤΝ Data Booster option corresponds to my plan?

See the MTN Data Booster option corresponding to your plan at the table below.

For MTN mobile telephony subscribers:

PlanΜΤΝ Data BoosterMBFee
MTN SMALLMTN Data Booster 250MB250MB€5.00
MTN MEDIUMMTN Data Booster 250MB250MB€5.00
MTN UNLIMITED  1MTN Data Booster 1GB1024MB€10.00
MTN UNLIMITED 3MTN Data Booster 1GB1024MB€10.00
MTN UNLIMITED 6MTN Data Booster 1GB1024MB€10.00
MTN UNLIMITED 10MTN Data Booster 1GB1024MB€10.00

MTN Data Booster 250MB is available on all packages.

For MTN Mobile Internet, MTN Mobile Broadband or MTN Internet Everywhere subscribers:

PlanΜΤΝ Data BoosterMBFee
MTN Mobile Internet / Broadband 20MBMTN Data Booster 250MB250MB€5.00
MTN Mobile Internet / Broadband 250MBMTN Data Booster 250MB250MB€5.00
MTN Mobile Internet / Broadband 500MBMTN Data Booster 250MB250MB€5.00
MTN Internet Everywhere 1MTN Data Booster 500MB500MB€8.00
MTN Internet Everywhere 2MTN Data Booster 1GB1024MB€10.00
MTN Internet Everywhere 3MTN Data Booster 1GB1024MB€10.00
MTN Internet Everywhere 4MTN Data Booster 2.5GB2560MB€18.00

 MTN Data Booster 250MB is available on all packages.

How do I activate MTN Data Booster?
To activate the MTN Data Booster service, send Databoost and the data volume that you can receive based on your plan (see above tables), via SMS to 6020.


If you are an ΜΤΝ Small subscriber, send Databoost 250 to 6020.

If you are an MTN  Unlimited 1/3/6 subscriber, then send Databoost 1024 to 6020.

If you are an ΜΤΝ Internet Everywhere 1 subscriber, then send Databoost 500 to 6020.


You can also activate the service by calling the MTN Call Center at 136.


Terms & Conditions
  • All prices include VAT.
  • The Mobile Internet services are available to all MTN mobile telephony, MTN PayMonthly, MTN Mobile Internet, MTN Mobile Internet and MTN Mobile Broadband subscribers.
  • The data volume that is added to the subscriber’s account when activating the MTN Data Booster service is valid until the last day of the current month.
  • The Service is inclusive of the data volume offered with each plan and its use is possible only in Cyprus under MTN’s network. The use of the Service abroad is subject to roaming charges applicable at each country.
  • The remaining data volume at the end of the month cannot be transferred to the next month.
  • To activate the data service subscribers must visit an MTN Store or call 136.
  • In order to use the Service you must have a data enabled handset.
  • Internet access speeds depend both on the network capacity at the area where the user is located, as well as on the device used.
  • Data sessions are charged at 2KB steps except of MTN Mobile Internet 5GB and 25 GB in which the step are per 1MB.
  • Users that have surpassed their original data plan and have been charged for out-of-bundle usage will not be reimbursed in the case of activation of data-booster. The inclusive data will count only after the activation of the service and until the end of the month.