Facebook Zero

Free Facebook access from your mobile phone, only by MTN!

You challenged us for more and we answer with «Με γειά»!

ΜΤΝ leads the way once again with Facebook Zero, the service that offers to all MTN subscribers FREE access to Facebook from their mobile phone!

Facebook Zero is a fast, ultra-lightweight text–only version of Facebook, specially developed for browsing from a mobile phone.

Enjoy FREE unlimited access to Facebook Zero, by entering 0.facebook.com ή zero.facebook.com to your browser.


To whom is Facebook Zero available?
To all MTN subscribers! Whether you are an MTN PayMonthly or an ΜΤΝ PayAsYouGo subscriber, you can have access to Facebook FREE of charge through the Facebook Zero service.


What features do I have with Facebook Zero?
With Facebook Zero you can:

  • Update your status
  • Send and receive messages
  • Search Facebook (i.e. Friends)
  • Add new friends
  • Write on your friends’ walls
  • Browse through Facebook


What do I have to do to activate the service?
Just enter the web address 0.facebook.com or zero.facebook.com to your browser, (without the www). You don’t need to do anything else!


Is there a monthly fee for Facebook Zero?
No! The Facebook Zero service is offered free of charge to all MTN subscribers as long as the usage complies with the terms & conditions of the service.


Do I have to pay anything when using Facebook Zero?
No! The use of Facebook Zero by MTN subscribers is absolutely free of charge. However, if you choose to navigate away from the 0.facebook.com or zero.facebook.com homepage (i.e. if you choose to view a photo or a video displayed on the page), then the normal browsing rates will apply.


Why can’t I see any photos or videos when using Facebook Zero?
Facebook Zero is a text-only version of Facebook. Photos, videos or any other external content is uploaded on Facebook as a link (url). If you choose to view them, then normal browsing rates will apply.


Can I have access to Facebook Zero from any mobile device?
In general, yes. All Smartphones or mobile devices with supported browsers can have access to Facebook Zero. There are a few exceptions such as some old mobile devices and specific web browsers.


I have a BlackBerry device but no BlackBerry Internet Service. Will I have access to Facebook Zero?
No, access is not possible.


I am only using Facebook Zero but my account got charged. Why?
This can only happen in two cases. You either navigated away from the Facebook Zero homepage and to other websites, or you own a Smartphone and by enabling data to enter Facebook Zero you triggered data traffic from the applications that are running in the background.


Will I have free access to Facebook Zero while I am abroad?
No. If you use Facebook Zero while you are abroad, you will be charged based on the standard roaming rates.

For more information please visit any MTN Store of call the MTN Call Center at 136.


Terms & Conditions

- The service is available only for MTN subscribers.
- Free access to Facebook Zero only applies when using the websites 0.facebook.com and zero.facebook.com (zero websites). The usage of the zero websites is governed by the Facebook Terms and Conditions.
- The access using www.facebook.com, m.facebook.com. www.0.facebook.com and www.zero.facebook.com or any other website except the zero websites will be charged and the normal browsing rates will apply.
- The access and use of the Smartphones’ Facebook application will be charged with the normal browsing rates. If the subscriber chooses to access images, photos, videos and any other external content linked to zero websites, he will be notified that he chose to navigate away from the zero website and then he will be charged with the normal browsing rates.
- MTN is not responsible for any charges caused due to false url access, browsing away from the zero webpage or/and Smartphones’ applications usage.