MTN Friends

Talk to friends with whom you speak often and a lot, at a discount or up to FREE, with the MTN Friends service! Activate the MTN Friends now with a very low monthly fee, chose the numbers with whom you communicate frequently and if you are an MTN mobile telephony or an MTN PayMonthly subscriber you will talk with them for FREE and if you are an MTN PayAsYouGo or MTN Up2U subscriber, with 50% discount!

How can I activate the service?
First you must decide how many friends you want to include in your friends list. The MTN Friends Service offers you 3 options: MTN Friends 1, 3 and 5. Depending on your choice, you can select 1, 3 or 5 numbers of friends, respectively.
Then, after you decided on option for the number of friends you want to add, you can activate the service by dialling *136# and following the menu. The subscriber will directly access a menu where, he/she will be able to activate/deactivate the service, add numbers, change numbers, and check status:

MTN Friends Menu:

  1. Activate the service
  2. De-activate the service
  3. Prices
  4. Check Friends Status
  5. Add number
  6. Change number


MTN Plan MTN Friends Plan Monthly Fee
MTN S / MTN  M / MTN Unlimited / MTN PayMonthly 140 / MTN PayMonthly 350 / MTN PayMonthly 600 / MTN PayMonthly 900 / MTN PayMonthly 1600

MTN Friends 1

MTN Friends 3

MTN Friends 5




MTN PayAsYouGo & MTN Up2U MTN Friends 1 (50% discount on MTN to MTN calls) €3.61
MTN Friends 3 (50% discount on MTN to MTN calls) €7.07
MTN Friends 5 (50% discount on MTN to MTN calls) €10.61
To change your nominated Friend numbers   €2.03

 All prices include VAT. 

Note: As of 1st November 2013, new activations of the MTN Friends service on MTN PayMonthly 1600 plans, the above charges will apply.
The new charges will not affect the existing subscribers of MTN PayMonthly 1600 who have MTN Friends activated on their line and they will be invoiced as follows: ΜΤΝ Friends 1: €4.14, ΜΤΝ Friends 3: €6.10, ΜΤΝ Friends 5: €10.17.

Terms & Conditions
  • The MTN Friends service is available for both MTN mobile telephony, MTN PayMonthly and MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers
  • The numbers selected by the subscriber to be added to the MTN Friends list should also be MTN subscribers.
  • The free or discounted calls are applicable only for calls made whilst in Cyprus, to other MTN subscribers who are within Cyprus
  • If the subscriber activates the service during the month rather than at the beginning, then he will be charged on a prorated basis and not the entire fee
  • Subscribers can deactivate the service at any time and date of the month. The execution of the request will be processed at the end of the month
  • For MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers the monthly fee is deducted from the available balance on the first day of each month
  • For MTN UP2U subscribers the monthly fee of the service will be charged over and above the monthly invoice
  • For MTN UP2U subscribers the service will be valid as per any MTN PayAsYouGo subscriber, where they will benefit from 50% discount on calls to the MTN Friends