MTN Mobile Broadband PayAsYouGo

High speed internet everywhere you go, without commitments!

 With ΜΤΝ Mobile Broadband PayAsYouGo service, you enjoy high speed 4G internet access from your laptop or tablet, wherever you go and without any commitments or monthly contracts.

Choose the data volume that you want depending on your needs and connect to the internet easily, anytime you want to, simply by using your USB stick and SIM card.  

Additionally, MTN Mobile Broadband PayAsYouGo service gives you the opportunity to send SMS from your laptop or tablet to contact your friends.


Find out more on the available connection packs below:

  • Mobile Broadband PayAsYouGo
  • MTN Holiday Internet
  • Top Up


    ΜΤΝ Mobile Broadband PayAsYouGo (SIM)
    • SIM card
    • User guide
    • Inclusive data volume 100ΜΒ worth €5 (Validity period: 30 days)
    €10BUTTON EN




    MTN Holiday Internet is the ideal connection pack, if you are visiting Cyprus for business or holiday for a limited period of time, as it includes enough data volume to provide you internet access during your stay.


    ΜΤΝ Holiday Internet (SIM)
    • SIM card
    • User guide
    • Inclusive data volume 2GB (Validity period: 15 days)
  • Top Up your MTN Mobile Broadband PayAsYouGo line:

    • with an MTN PayAsYouGo top up card. MTN top up cards are available at all MTN Stores, associates and kiosks.
    • online through MTN Pay
    • Electronically through the JCC Smart service or the 1bank of Bank of Cyprus.


    Top-Up CardTotal Amount To Be CreditedEquivalent Data VolumeValidity Period
    €5€5.00100ΜΒ15 days
    €10€10200MB30 days
    €20€22440MB60 days
    €35€41820MB120 days
    €50€571140MB180 days


Upon the expiration of the validity period of the top-up card, the MTN Mobile Broadband PayAsYouGo service will become inactive but the remaining balance of your account will NOT be lost. If you renew your account within 180 days from the day the service becomes inactive, then your new available balance will be the sum of the two (new top-up data volume + remaining balance). If you do not renew your account within the 180 then your account will be deleted and you will no longer be able to use your SIM card.




Terms & Conditions
  • The normal terms & conditions of the ΜΤΝ PayAsYouGo service apply.
  • The service can only be used for data transfer and SMS. The SIM card of the MTN Mobile Broadband PayAsYouGo service cannot be used for voice calls.
  • The value per MB that is mentioned in the table refers to data transfers while the subscriber is under the MTN Cyprus network. The roaming charges when the subscriber is abroad differ depending on the network the subscriber connects to. For more information click here
  • The data sessions are charged by 2KB.
  • The validity period of the inclusive amount credited to your account is 30 days, while for the top-up cards the validity period differs depending on the amount, as stated on the table.
  • The booster cards can only be used if the MTN Mobile Broadband PayAsYouGo account is active and within the validity period.
  • MTN reserves the right to amend the methods of which the subscriber top-ups the account.
  • MTN cannot be held liable for any interruption of data sessions due to depletion of data volume.
  • Even if the SIM card is not in the possession of the subscriber, all the data sessions that are contacted with the specific SIM card, will be charged to the MTN Mobile Broadband PayAsYouGo of the subscriber.
  • In the event that the SIM card is lost or stolen, then the subscriber must communicate immediately with the MTN Call Center at 136, in order to deactivate the service.
  • If the SIM card is stolen or destroyed, the subscriber will have to buy a new SIM card or a new Connection Pack. The new connection pack will have a new GSM number.
  • Subscribers of MTN Mobile Broadband PayAsYouGo who will choose to switch their account to MTN Mobile Broadband PayMonthly, will lose the available balance of their MTN Mobile Broadband PayAsYouGo account.


ΜΤΝ Mobile Broadband PayAsYouGo Guide