Text messaging service (SMS)


With Short Text Messaging Service, you are able to exchange short text messages with other mobile phone users in Cyprus and abroad. This service is pre-configured on your SIM card, therefore once you activate you SIM card you will be able to send and receive SMS. SMS can also support various alerts regarding news, sports, stocks, weather, games, chat, etc.
The number of characters per message depends on the coding of your mobile phone (7-bit, UTF-16 or UCS-2) and with the alphabet you choose to use. For example, if you choose to send a message to all capital letters or roman characters and encoding mobile is set to 7-bit, then your message may include up to 160 characters. If you choose to send text with small Greek letters then, regardless of encoding, the message can include up to 70 characters. For more details you can contact the Customer Service Center at 136.


Picture messaging service (MMS)

With Multimedia Messaging Service you can send and receive messages containing text, images and sound. If your phone supports the MMS service, in order to send and receive MMS you need to save the MMS settings on your mobile phone.

To obtain MMS settings via SMS please send a message to 8855 with text MMS (this message is free of charge) or you can insert them manually with these MMS settings.

 For more information, you can contact the MTN Call Center at 136.