Nuisance Calls

MTN protects its subscribers from nuisance calls

MTN Cyprus invests in the quality of communication and the personal safety of its subscribers. All the necessary measures are taken, in order to help MTN subscribers deal with unwanted or nuisance calls and text messages.

All MTN Cyprus subscribers, either MTN PayMonthly post paid or MTN PayAsYouGo prepaid subscribers, have the means to truck any harassing or nuisance communication.

Activation Procedure of the Anonymous Call Rejection service  

ΜΤΝ Subscribers who wish to block incoming calls from unknown numbers, can call 136 (MTN Call Center) and request the activation of the Anonymous Call Rejection service οn their line with a once off fee of €2 (incl. VAT).  Subscribers requesting the service’s deactivation, will be charged with €1 (incl. VAT).

Procedure for the investigation of unwanted or nuisance calls

The first step that the subscriber needs to take in order to deal with harassing or nuisance calls is to file an official report to the Police.

The police will issue a Complaint Form Confirmation, which the subscriber then needs to submit along with his ID card to any MTN shop and request the activation of the monitoring service.

Once the customer’s information is verified, the process will be activated and his phone line will be monitored for two weeks.

After the two-week monitoring, the findings of the investigation will be dispatched only to the Cyprus Police, as stated in Article no. 108 (1)(a) of the Law 19(Ι)/2002; The findings will not, in any case, be handed to the subscriber who submitted the request or any other person.

If the investigation reveals that the harassing / nuisance calls were made by an unlisted MTN PayAsYouGo subscriber and MTN is unable to reach the specific subscriber or the subscriber refuses to provide the company with his/her data, MTN will deactivate the line.

The subscriber can cancel the service at any time during the two-week monitoring period by visiting an MTN shop and presenting his ID card.

The fee for the monitoring service is €5 including VAT, payable on the day of the submission of the request.

A similar procedure is followed in cases of harassing or nuisance text messages SMS complaints.

Procedure to report SMS and MMS Spam messages

In cases of unwanted or nuisance (Spam) SMS and MMS messages, the subscriber can stop or report these messages, by following one of the below procedures:

  • If the message offers a “STOP” or “opt out” option, the subscriber can call the number or send a text message in order to stop receiving messages from the specific sender.
  • The subscriber can add the name or the phone number of the sender to the Spam SMS and forward it to 8088. In case of MMS messages, the subscriber can add the name or phone number of the sender and forward the MMS message to
  • The customer can complete the “Form of Complaint for Receiving Unwanted Advertising Messages”. The subscriber can contact the MTN Call Center at 136 and MTN will provide the specific form.

MTN will inform the subscriber of the actions taken within the next 48 hours.

If the investigation reveals that the spam message was sent by an MTN subscriber, MTN will contact the sender and request the removal of the complainant’s contact details from his database. If ΜΤΝ cannot reach the sender, then MTN will temporarily deactivate the specific phone line. The same applies in the case the complainant receives a new message by the same sender and files a new complaint.

If the sender of the unwanted or nuisance Spam message belongs to a telecommunication provider other than MTN, MTN will follow all the necessary procedures in order to resolve the case.


For more information MTN subscribers can contact the MTN Call Center at 136, or visit any MTN shop.