MTN 4 Family

Everything at MTN, everything for less!

The truly complete communication and entertainment package for real families, has arrived!

Recognizing that a real family has real needs, MTN has created MTN 4 Family. With 2 or more mobile lines, fixed telephony, internet and TV, a family can now enjoy complete communication and entertainment services at one low price!

The benefits of MTN 4 Family don't end here however, since families can also enjoy:

  • Free 1GB mobile internet per mobile line, every month!
  • Free communication between family members!
  • Smartphones with monthly instalments!

Because a real family needs much more!

Any family can customize its own MTN 4 Family according to its needs. More information about the available options on mobile, fixed telephony, internet and TV services at the following links:  MTN Mobile Telephony Plans - MTN at Home MTN TV
Create your own MTN 4 Family by visiting an MTN Store or selected distributors or by calling the MTN Customer Call Center at 136.


Terms and Conditions
  1. The MTN 4 Family is available for new and existing subscribers as of 21st June 2017.
  2. The MTN 4 Family prerequisites at least 2 lines of any MTN Mobile Telephony Plan and MTN at Home with MTN TV.
  3. Subscribers who have at least 2 MTN Mobile Telephony plans lines, MTN at Home plan with MTN TV will be entitled to 1GB Free Mobile Internet per month for each MTN Smart line.
  4. If the MTN 4 Family does not include at least 2 lines of any MTN Mobile Telephony Plan, 1 MTN at Home and MTN TV, the 1GB Free Mobile Internet will no longer be available.
  5. A maximum of 5 MTNMobile Telephony plan lines in the MTN 4 Family can be eligible for the 1GB Free Mobile Internet.
  6. The MTN 4 Family applies only to physical persons.
  7. The MTN 4 Family shall be combined with the current Offers for MTN Mobile Telephony plans and the current Offers for Smartphone Anytime, as well as the MTN at Home and MTN TV offers.
  8. The present terms and conditions apply in addition to the terms and conditions of the subscription contract.
  9. The offer may be modified at any time by MTN. The new terms will be posted on the official website of MTN.