MTN 4.5G

MTN’s advanced 4.5G network offers super fast mobile internet speeds in more locations than ever!

We invest, develop and expand our network and infrastructure and we now offer to all our subscribers an even wider 4.5G coverage (based on comparative data of MTN's 4.5G network - July to December 2018).

4.5G EN 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is 4.5G?
4.5G is the evolution of 4G technology which brings even faster mobile data speeds.

What is the coverage of MTN’s 4.5G network?
MTN’s 4.5G network has a broad coverage in all cities and is constantly expanding.

Do I need a special device to connect to MTN’s 4.5G network?
The use of 4.5G is possible on all devices, smartphones and tablets, that are compatible with 4.5G technology.

What is the difference between 4G and 4.5G?
4.5G is vastly superior, offering greater bandwidth and faster speeds. This means a better and more enjoyable online experience.

What are the benefits of a 4.5G connection?
• High speed mobile internet access with higher download and upload speeds.
• Seamless streaming of HD content like HD Movies, HD TV Series, HD music videos, HD gaming & many more.
• Download of large files simultaneously.
• High quality face-to-face video chatting.
• Seamless connection to business cloud applications.

Is there a need to download an app or change any settings in order to enjoy 4.5G on my device?
As long as the device supports 4.5G there is no need to change any settings or download any app in order to enjoy MTN’s 4.5G speeds.

How will 4.5G affect my Multi-SIM?
Multi-SIM is not affected by 4.5G. All SIM cards will continue functioning as normal and support 4.5G (provided the device they are used on is 4.5G-enabled).

Is there a change in data charges for 4.5G?
No, there is no change in data charges when using 4.5G.