Proper Smartphone Use

Correct Smartphone Use
What do I need to know and be aware of!

Smartphones have become part of our daily life and a growing number of users prefer to use Smartphones over conventional mobile phones. Due to a large variety of functions offered by Smartphones, such as internet surfing, browsing via satellite, use of applications and many more, Smartphones have become the centre of interest of mobile users. It is, however, significant to be able to make proper use of our Smartphone and have the right settings. Smartphones are initially enabled to perform certain functions automatically, which if the user is unaware of, could put them in a difficult situation.


What you need to know:

  • Smartphones offer you unlimited possibilities such as access to social networking media (i.e. Facebook or Twitter), email use, video streaming, downloading songs and many more. Smartphones’ main feature is their capacity for quick and easy internet access.
  • Most Smartphones are set to automatically connect to the internet through their various installed applications. These applications are automatically activated thus connecting your line to the internet and starting data exchange, consequently creating proportional charges for internet access. Data exchange and connection to the internet bear charges according to each subscriber’s data plan.
  • Charges are calculated based on the amount of data downloaded and uploaded.
  • Volume of such data always depends on applications used, connection duration, handset type and kind of data used (songs, files, email etc.)
  • MTN offers a broad range of mobile internet plans which ideally cover each of its subscriber’s needs.

MTN advises you to:

  • Be comprehensively informed on the features of your device, especially with regard to internet access options.
  • Study your Smartphone’s user guide thoroughly, so as to be fully aware of necessary settings and applications running in the device.
  • Deactivate the automatic internet access option found in the settings available in the Smartphone’s operating system.
  • Check whether your preferred applications require using the internet and in what manner, so as to know the possible data volume which these might consume.
  • Choose to connect with an economic Mobile Internet service so as to control the data exchange through your Smartphone.
  • Be informed in detail on all mobile internet plans, their features and the related basic and additional charges for MTN PayMonthly and MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers. For such information you may contact the MTN Call Center at 136 or you can visit any MTN Store.
  • Download and install applications on your Smartphone only from trust-worthy sources. Avoid downloading applications from untrusted sources, since there is risk of installing malware which could lead to undesired and excessive mobile internet charges.