Easy and quick payments, wherever you are!

MTN created the MTN Pay, an innovative, FREE service for paying online your MTN invoice and top up your prepaid account using a credit, debit or prepaid card, from your mobile, tablet or laptop, wherever you are!

Visit www.mtnpay.com.cy now and make fast, easy and safe transactions!

With MTN Pay you can:

  • Pay your monthly MTN invoice (MTN PayMonthly, MTN Up2U and MTN Mobile Broadband)
  • Add (Top-Up) airtime or data volume to your MTN PayAsYouGo or MTN Up2U account

Moreover you can check your transaction history and manage your credit, debit and prepaid bank cards.
You can access the MTN Pay service using your MyBill username and password (which can be created through MTN Pay) and your credit, debit or prepaid VISA or MasterCard card.

Start using MTN Pay now!


www.mtnpay.com.cy ΜΤΝ Pay QR



Terms & Conditions
  • User must accept the terms and conditions of the service.
  • All MTN subscribers are not subjected to any charges for the data traffic generated by the service within Cyprus. The usage of the service under International Networks is subjected to mobile internet roaming charges.
  • The user must have an active and valid MyBill account.
  • All payments through this service take place only with the usage of valid credit / debit / prepaid VISA / MasterCard / AMEX cards issued from Cyprus’ Banks.
  • Cards issued from foreign Banks cannot be used.
  • MTN is not responsible for malicious usage of the service for transactions resulting from the loss or theft of the user’s mobile handset.
  • User is responsible for the proper usage of his/her MyBill account as well as for his/her card info.
  • MTN does note store or edit the info of the credit / debit / prepaid card which is used for payments through the service.
  • In case of loss or theft of the MyBill account info, the user must report it immediately to MTN.
  • In case of loss or theft of the card, the user must report it immediately to the Bank that issued the card.
  • Each card can allow payments of up to €50 in to total within 30-day period for Top-Up.
  • Every MTN PayAsYouGo or MTN Up2U number can receive up to €50 for Top-Up within a 30-day period.