Useful Information


I want to have internet on my MTN PayAsYouGo line so that I can access the internet any time I wish, wherever I am without searching for Wi-Fi. Is there such service for prepaid subscribers?

You can have internet wherever you are without any contractual commitments with the MTN PayAsYouSurf service. You just renew your data volume with a simple text message. Find out more here.

You also have the option of activating the All In One Bonus scheme and receive inclusive data volume with every Top Up of €10 and above. Find out more about the All In One Bonus here.


Is there a way to know who called me while my phone was deactivated or busy?

Yes! You can activate the MTN Missed Call Alert and you will never miss a call again. To activate the service, send "MCA ON EN'' (for English) or "MCA ON GR "(for Greek) via SMS to 8020. For more information regarding the service, click here.



Can I transfer airtime from my ΜΤΝ PayAsYouGo account to a friend's MTN PayAsYouGo account?

You can tranfer airtime to the MTN PayAsYouGo or ΜΤΝ Up2U account of another subscriber through the MTN Me2U service or by calling the MTN Call Center at 136.


Can I use my MTN PayAsYouGo line abroad?

You can use your ΜΤΝ PayAsYouGo line at all countries that MTN has established roaming agreements for incoming and outgoing calls for prepaid subscribers. Click here for the list of countries and the roaming charges. In order to be able to receive and make phone calls, choose the provider at the country you wish to visit that gives you "full roaming". If you connect with a provider that gives you "half roaming" then you will be able to receive but not make phone calls.


I want to call abroad at lower rates. How can I activate the MTN International Call Saver Service?

You can activate the ΜΤΝ International Call Saver service in order to have lower rates on international calls, by dialling *9292# and then CALL. Τhe activation of the MTN International Call Saver service is free of charge. Find out more about how to use the service and charges here.


Can I transfer my ΜΤΝ PayAsYouGo line to a contract plan?

Yes you can. You can transfer your ΜΤΝ PayAsYouGo line to an ΜΤΝ Smart or MTN PayMonthly contract plan and keep your existing phone number. To transfer your ΜΤΝ PayAsYouGo line to an MTN Smart or MTN PayMonthly plan, you can visit any MTN Store or a selected associate's store. You can also transfer your line online through MTN e-Store or over the phone by calling the MTN Telesales department at 80010800.


I am a new MTN PayAsYouGo subscriber. What else should I have in mind?

All the information you may need are included in the user guide you will find in the MTN PayAsYouGo connection pack. You can also find this information here.