SPAM reporting
In line with the GSM Association Code of Practise for Mobile SPAM, at MTN we offer our customers a series of ways in which they can report / complain about spam messages received to their mobile by SMS and MMS

On receiving any such reports, we will investigate your complaint and contact you to advise you of the outcome. We will endeavor to contact you within 48 hours of your report. Where possible we will request from the senders of such SPAM that your mobile number be excluded from their mailing lists.

How to report a SPAM message:
Forward any SPAM messages sent by SMS to 8088 (this message is free of charge). It helps us if you can add the sender number to your message. Forward any SPAM messages sent by MMS to the email address (this message is free of charge), call 136 and speak to a Customer Service representative, or visit an MTN service centre and make your report to one of our Sales representatives


Wholesale roaming access

MTN in accordance with EU Roaming Regulation III and its obligation to meet reasonable requests for wholesale access to public mobile communications networks for the purpose of providing roaming services, publishes reference offers (RO) that contain the standard conditions for direct wholesale roaming access and resale wholesale roaming access.
Direct Wholesale Roaming Access Agreement

Resale Wholesale Roaming Access Agreement