Do you find typing text messages difficult, time consuming and impersonal? With the MTN VoiceSMS you can avoid the traditional SMS and send an instant personalized recorded message to another MTN subscriber. It is an easy, fast and effective way to directly send an instant personalized voice message even if the recipient does not have an active voicemail. The MTN VoiceSMS service is available to all MTN PayMonthly/Up2U and MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers.

To send a Voice SMS:
Enter "*" before the recipient's phone number and press "call".
Example: *96XXXXXX <CALL>
Then follow the instructions to record your message. The message can have a maximum duration of 15 seconds.
When the recipient hears the message, you will an SMS delivery report.

If you receive Voice SMS:
You will receive an SMS from MTN informing you that you have received a Voice SMS. The message will also indicate the sender's phone number and the date and time the message was sent.
To hear the message dial *1111.

MTN VoiceSMS service also gives you the opportunity to reply, forward the message to others, to change the language or proceed to the next message.
If this is the first time you are using the service, you can also select the preferred language (English or Greek) so that all voice prompts will be heard in the selected language. You can change the preferred language at any time.
Important: Messages sent but have not heard by the receiver will remain in the system for 2 weeks and then will be deleted.



When you send Voice SMS:
For MTN PayMonthly subscribers the charge per Voice SMS is €0.0 567 (incl. VAT).
For MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers the charge per Voice SMS is €0.0732 (incl. VAT).
These charges are per call to star (*) plus the number of the recipient of the Voice SMS.

When you receive Voice SMS:
For MTN PayMonthly subscribers costs €0.0567 (incl. VAT) per Voice SMS.
For MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers costs €0.0732 (incl. VAT) per Voice SMS.
These charges apply for each call to * 1111 to retrieve a message, regardless of whether they choose to reply or forward. The charge is per call and is not related to the duration of the call.


Terms & Conditions
  • The Service is available only to MTN PayMonthly and MTN PayAsYouGo subscribers, and only for Voice SMS sent to other MTN subscribers
  • If the subscriber is abroad, he can only be notified that a massage was received
  • A message can only be sent if the Caller ID Restriction option is disabled
  • The Service is charged both for sending and receiving messages