Device warranty


This limited warranty is the sole and exclusive remedy of the user satisfaction and the sole and exclusive obligation of MTN to the user for defected or malfunctioned products. This limited warranty replaces all other warranties and liabilities whether oral or written (non – mandatory). The company shall in no case be liable for any incidental, consequential or indirect damages, costs or expenses. Any change or amendment to this limited warranty shall require prior written approval of MTN.

1. Legal guarantee as defined in the Law (7 (I) / 2000) “means any obligation taken by the seller or manufacturer towards the consumer, at no extra charge, to refund or to replace, overhaul or service in any way and/or manner the consumer goods in case the consumer goods does not meet the specifications set out in the declaration of guarantee or in the related advertising.”

2. The duration of the manufacturer’s warranty is for 12 or 24 months and in no case less than 12 months and is valid from the date the user purchased the product. In case that the manufacturer’s warranty duration is less than 24 months an extension of the warranty is given by MTN so that the product warranty equals 24 months. In case of a product replacement the product warranty period will continue for the remaining 24 month period. To make use of this limited warranty, the user must present the original receipt of purchase and deliver the product to MTN.

3. During the warranty period, MTN repairs or replaces the defective product at its sole discretion. MTN will return the repaired or replaced product to the user in a working condition. In case of a repair, MTN will change the defective component. All the parts of the product including the main board are regarded as components. Any materials or other equipment that has been replaced it is owned by MTN.

4. According to Article 7 (3) N.7 (I) 2000 "until proven otherwise, any lack of conformity that becomes ostensible within six months of delivery of the good, is alleged to have been existed at the time of delivery unless this presumption is incompatible with the nature of the delivered goods or the nature of the conformity lack”.

5. This limited warranty does not apply if:
   I. The defect has been caused by the fact that the product has been used contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions, by exposure to moisture, by unauthorized opening or repair or by repair with use of unauthorized parts;
   II. The defect has resulted by accident;
   III. The defect has resulted by wear and tear;
   IV. The product serial number, the auxiliary date code or the IMEI number has been removed, erased, altered, changed or is illegible;
   V. The defect has resulted by the fact that the product had been used or associated with a device that is not appropriate based on the technical specifications of the device;
   VI. The defect has resulted by changes in software by an unauthorized person;
   VII. The defect is due to a file or product which has been placed to the internal or external memory of the device;
   VIII. The product is not checked by the MTN technical department to determine and confirm the defective device.

6. For any device problems mentioned above, MTN assumes no responsibility for their repair. MTN will inform the user and will request approval for any additional cost.

7. If the faulty device is out of warranty based on the day of purchase or has not been bought from MTN and the cost for repair does not exceed the value of €60 (inc. VAT), no prior approval is required by the user for the repair, regardless of the actual product price.

8. No warranty is being provided for repairs related to faults that resulted from moisture and repair has been done upon user’s request.

9. MTN assumes no responsibility for any total or partial loss of personal data during the repair procedure of the device. Sole responsible for keeping any personal data which are in any electronic device is the legitimate user of the product. MTN also assumes no responsibility for partial or total loss of data, which may be due to a defect in the electronic device, whether it arises from manufacturing fault (so it is under warranty) or by user error (so it is out of warranty).

10. If the user will not collect any items that have been given for repair within three months, then MTN is not responsible for their safekeeping.

11. Products are guaranteed either by MTN, or by the official representative in Cyprus or by the official representative within the territory of the European Union.

12. All supplies and accessories such as (chargers, batteries, headphones, power supplies) are covered by warranty for a period not exceeding three months.

13. This limited warranty applies to devices that have been sold by MTN. In the event of a defective device it is the client’s responsibility to deliver the device at any MTN point of sale.


Returns – Product Exchange

We accept returns and can exchange products within 14 days from the day of purchase given that:
I. the device is sealed from the manufacturer or from the shop with an MTN Safety Sticker. We cannot accept the return of any opened or used product.
II. The return of the product is accompanied by the original receipt of purchase.
III. We cannot accept return or exchange of top up cards and consumable products including but not limited to memory cards, DVDs, video game titles and software.

The User can return/exchange a product at any MTN shop provided that above terms are satisfied.

Please remove all personal data (computer or wireless data, recordings, videos or DVD's). MTN is not responsible for any personal data that are included in the returned product or the product for exchange and offers no guarantee for the preservation of data (personal or otherwise) upon return, exchange, repair products.