MTN Smartphone Αnytime service gives mobile subscribers to MTN contract plans, the opportunity to get a new smartphone, whenever and as many times as they wish, without waiting for their contract to expire.

  • without paying a cent upfront 
  • with 6 to 24 monthly instalments 

After repaying your existing smartphone, you are entitled to a new one! You can get a new device with monthly instalments equal to the remaining months of your contract plan and enjoy the same benefits. 

Find out the maximum instalment amount for every new device depending on your MTN mobile telephony plan and set the monthly instalments period you prefer:

ΜΤΝ mobile telephony plan Maximum Instalment Amount FOR EVERY NEW DEVICE
MTN Small€168
MTN Medium€312
MTN Unlimited 1€576
MTN Unlimited 3€816
MTN Unlimited 6€816


Example using the MTN Smartphone Anytime service

If you are a subscriber to an MTN Unlimited 1 plan and want a €400 smartphone with 12 monthly instalments, the below apply:

Maximum Instalment amount for device: €576

Monthly instalment: €33.33 x 12

Paying upfront: €0

If after paying for this device, you want one more smartphone, this time worth €500 and you wish to set 6 monthly instalments, then the below apply:

Maximum Instalment amount for new device: €576

Monthly instalment: €83.33 x 6

Paying upfront: €0

For your 24month contract to expire, you still got 6 more months, therefore if you wish, you may get yet another smartphone, as long as you choose a 6 month instalments period!