Музыкальная услуга akazoo впервые появилась на Кипре и является доступной только для абонентов ΜΤΝ! Теперь и Вы можете беспрерывно слушать музыку, с превосходным качеством звука и без рекламы, на всех своих устройствах, независимо от того, подключены Вы к сети 4G/3G/Wi-Fi или находитесь в автономном режиме.   

Выберите из огромной музыкальной библиотеки, содержащей 20 миллионов греческих и зарубежных песен, свою любимую музыку и наслаждайтесь ею на своем мобильном телефоне, планшете и ноутбуке. 

С услугой akazoo от ΜΤΝ, Вы можете найти уже готовые музыкальные списки или создать свои собственные списки и синхронизировать их для прослушивания в автономном режиме в любом месте, через приложение akazoo. Вы также можете поделиться своей любимой музыкой на Facebook, или позаимствовать ее у других пользователей akazoo, например, своих любимых исполнителей, для того чтобы расширить свой музыкальный кругозор.    

Активируйте прямо сейчас Akazoo Premium от ΜΤΝ и обретите незабываемый музыкальный опыт, воспользовавшись БЕСПЛАТНОЙ подпиской и БЕСПЛАТНЫМ потоком в течение 1 месяца!

 Для того чтобы Вы смогли наслаждаться безграничной музыкой когда и где Вам угодно, скачайте приложение akazoo

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или посетите mtn.akazoo.com и бесплатно создайте свою учетную запись!  


Часто задаваемые вопросы


Управление учетной записью

How can I register to akazoo?

You can create an account, either by using your mobile phone number or via Facebook. Choose the way that best suits you and follow the steps below, depending on the device you will connect with:

From PC, enter mtn.akazoo.com and choose:

1)    Register: Enter your name and mobile phone number and press Create an account. Then click on Order PIN and a 4 digit code will be sent to you via SMS. Now you can enter the code you received in akazoo website and click on Activation to receive username and password or

2)    Connect with Facebook. Follow the instructions to login to Facebook and select Ok in the next Facebook pop-ups asking for your authorization.

From smartphone or tablet via Android app: Download akazoo app and choose Enter. You will then be requested to activate akazoo service and enter your mobile phone number. After you enter your credentials, you will receive an SMS with your personal username and password.

From smartphone or tablet via iOS app: You cannot create an account via iOS app, but you can visit mtn.akazoo.com and follow the instructions. After you activate your account, you will be able to connect to akazoo from your smartphone or tablet, by using your username and password.

Can I share my akazoo account?

Your akazoo account is strictly personal, according to the licencing agreements of the content providers. Therefore you can only use it for your personal entertainment. 

Why do I receive e-mail notifications from akazoo?

If you have added your e-mail in your profile, you will be receiving updates on new releases, activities of the users you are following and you will interact more effectively with your friends!  

I am receiving too many e-mail notifications from akazoo. How can I fix this?

Visit mtn.akazoo.com from your computer and choose Account > Alerts & Social Settings to set how often you wish to receive e-mail notifications.

I don’t want to receive akazoo newsletter, can I be excluded from the recipients list?   

Of course you can! Choose the Unsubscribe link from the newsletter and you will not receive the following newsletters. 

Can I change my account’s e-mail?

Akazoo uses your e-mail to inform you via e-mail notifications, but it can easily be modified from Account > Profile Info 

How can I change my password?

You can change your password, by choosing Account > Profile Info 

My account has been deleted. How can I retrieve it?

When your account is deleted, all your personal data is also deleted, therefore you need to create a new account and collect your music from scratch, as well as start following users. You can use the same Facebook profile and the same mobile phone number that you used in the profile you deleted. 

I forgot my password. How can I create a new one?

Retrieving your password is an easy procedure that can take place both from PC and smartphone.

From PC: Choose Forgot your password from the homepage. To retrieve your password, use the mobile phone number that you registered in your akazoo profile.  

Android & iOS: Choose Forgot your password from the landing page and enter the mobile number with which you registered to akazoo, to receive your password via sms.

How can I delete my account/profile?

If you delete your profile, it will then be impossible to retrieve your music or the users you followed. According to the Privacy Policy, no account information can be kept after your account has been deleted. If you think that something is not working properly or if you have any questions regarding the service, you can always contact us and it will be our pleasure to assist you.  

From PC: If you wish to delete your account, visit Account > Profile Info and choose Delete my account

Can I have more than one akazoo accounts under the same mobile phone number?

When a mobile phone number is registered to an account, it cannot be connected to another akazoo account. If you want a second account, you will need a different mobile phone number.  

I accidentally deleted my account. Can I retrieve it?

According to the Privacy Policy, from the moment an account is deleted, akazoo discards all your data. For this reason it will be impossible to retrieve your music, the users you followed, your history or any other relevant information, after your profile has been deleted.   

How can I use akazoo in another language?

From PC: You can set the language of your preference, by choosing Language Settings from the bottom of the page and the next time you log-in to akazoo, your language settings will be maintained.  

English is the default language of akazoo, but the service automatically recognises your device’s language settings and is available in Greek and English. Depending on the device you are using, follow the below steps to set the language you want:

Αndroid: Choose Settings ˂ Language ˂ Keyboards ˂ Language  

iOS: Choose Settings ˂ International ˂ Language



Подключение через Facebook 


Why should I connect with Facebook?

That’s the most effective way to interact with your friends and share playlists, albums and tracks. If you don’t wish your activity to be published in facebook, you can change the respective akazoo settings. There is always the option to connect to akazoo with your username and password instead of connecting with facebook. In any case and regarding whatever concerns your personal data management, all Facebook data regulations are fully applied, according to the Privacy Policy.

How can I connect with Facebook?

From your PC: Visit mtn.akazoo.com, choose Connect with Facebook and fill in your username and password. In the next Facebook pop-ups that ask for your authorization, choose Ok. In case you have your account’s username and password, but you have not yet logged in to Facebook, choose Connect or Enter, enter your data and then you will be requested to connect with Facebook.

Android & iOS: Choose Connect with Facebook and create an akazoo account that will be connected to your Facebook profile. Alternatively, you can use your existing Facebook account’s username and password to connect.

Can I choose what to share on Facebook?

There is always the option to choose what to share on Facebook.

From PC: Choose Account > Alerts & Social Settings > Share Updates on Facebook

Facebook automatically chooses what to share and with which users, therefore not all of your activity will be published to all of your friends. You can always share a track or an album, while listening to it,  by choosing View Profile > Activity> Share.

iOS and Android: You can always share a track or an album you listen to from your music activity, by selecting Share.   

I created an account, when I clicked on an album’s cover in Facebook. What does it mean?

It means that you created a profile via Facebook, after you agreed to the Facebook authorization request, therefore some of the tracks that you listen to or add to your favourites in akazoo, will appear in your Facebook timeline. If you want that to stop, you can simply change the settings on your account so as your akazoo activity does not appear on your Facebook timeline, by choosing Account > Alerts & Social Settings > Share Updates on Facebook  

Is it safe to connect with Facebook?

Of course it is, since akazoo doesn’t have full access to your profile, nor your password and all the information given are subject to the strict Facebook policies. For more information, you can also read Privacy Policy. In any case, if you wish, you can remove your Facebook profile from akazoo anytime.

On the right side panel, I can see my Facebook friends who are not akazoo members. Why?

From this panel, you can easily invite your Facebook friends to join akazoo and listen to your music preferences. Your invitation for connection to akazoo will arrive as a standard Facebook notification.

As soon as they connect to Akazoo and follow you, they will be up to date with your music activity.   

I listened to a track in akazoo and it appears in my Facebook profile. How can I remove it?

Just click on the options next to the post, as appeared on your timeline and choose Remove.

Which image appears with the tracks I share on Facebook?

What appears is the album’s cover, in which the track is included. You can also see that in akazoo, as soon as you check the album or your player.

I no longer have access to my Facebook account (or cancelled it) and I used it to create my akazoo account. What can I do now?

Now you need to connect to akazoo with your username and password, which is your mobile phone number and password. If you don’t remember your password, you need to follow the standard procedure to retrieve your password, by providing the mobile phone number with which you registered to akazoo. 

How can I disconnect Facebook from Akazoo?

To disconnect, you need to visit Applications in your Facebook profile and delete akazoo application. To log in to your akazoo account without your Facebook profile, you will need the password of your akazoo profile.


Основные функции    


Where is my music stored?

Our music catalogue is stored in akazoo library and is always available, wherever you go. You can always find your music online, either from your PC or smartphone, even when you are offline, through the akazoo application for smartphones and tablets.

Why should I share my activity?

Music is by default a social form of entertainment and it brings more joy, when you share it with friends. Share the music that excites you and discover new music through your friends.

Why should I become a fan of a track in Akazoo?

By becoming a fan, you express your enthusiasm for an album or artist. At the same time, the albums or artists are respectively added to your Albums and Artists in your Music, while in your next log-ins, you will have easier access to them. Your Music is your personal map in the huge akazoo music library.

When you become an album’s or artist’s fan, your activity in akazoo is displayed. For the same reason, it is easier to find other akazoo users who became fans of the same album or artist and why not, you can also follow them!  

Where can I save tracks, in order to find them later?

You can do that from your Music. You just need to become a fan of a track/album/artist that you are interested in and the next time you log in to the service, you will find it in your Music list.

Nevertheless, when you listen to tracks, these are automatically added to your Tracks, even if you didn’t become a fan.

How can I download a list that I created?

You can download a list, but you cannot store it locally. Nevertheless, your list will be stored and available in akazoo library for as long as you maintain a profile in akazoo, regardless of your subscription’s status. 

Can I store my music locally?

Our music catalogue is stored in akazoo library, along with your music preferences, which are part of your personal Music. In this way you can always find your music, whether you are connected to a PC or smartphone.

Android & iOS: You can listen to your music offline via the akazoo application. You can download tracks, the player’s queue, albums and lists, whilst offline. As soon as your sync is completed, you will be able to listen to your music, even if you are not connected to the internet.

What’s a playlist?

A list consists of a series of tracks, available to listen to in a specific order, without any pauses or breaks in between. Akazoo allows you to easily create a playlist, so that you can save your favourite tracks in the order you prefer. The lists are available at your PC and smartphone as well! In addition, the akazoo application allows you to save playlists and download them so that you can listen to them offline and enjoy your music, even when an internet connection is not available!

How can I create/rename/ delete a list?

Your lists are your personal map within the huge akazoo music library.

From PC: You can create a list form the My Music section. Choose Add new playlist  and name the list. Your new list will be featured below the rest of your lists. To delete a list, just move your mouse over the list that you want and press x. To rename a list, you need to visit the list’s page, by clicking its name and then choose the icon next to its name.

Alternatively, you can create a new list, by listening to a track and choosing Add to playlist and then you can either create a new playlist or choose an existing playlist.

Android & iOS: To create a new list in your smartphone or tablet application, go to Playlists from the main menu. Choose Create new playlist, to create and name your list. Alternatively, choose Add to playlist for a track. To delete a list, go to Playlists and choose Delete playlist from this particular list’s options.

How do I reorder the tracks of a playlist?

From PC: To reorder the tracks of the playlist, visit the full view of the Playlist, by clicking on the playlist name. Grab the tracks from the appearing handle and drag them to the preferred position. Easy as that!

Android & iOS: To reorder the tracks of the playlist, visit the full view of the Playlist and select the Edit Playlist option. Once selected, you can grab the tracks from the appearing handle and drag them to the preferred position. Don’t forget to click Finish for the process to be completed.

How can I add another user's playlist to the library?

You are able to add other users’ playlists to your playlists, both from PC and smartphone/tablet. By becoming fan of a specific playlist, this playlist will be appearing every time you visit the Playlist section of My Music

How can I add/remove a track to an existing playlist?

From PC: There are five different methods to add tracks to an existing or new playlist. Choose the one that suits you the most:

1) In the Track view, visit the Track Options button and select Add to playlist.

2) Again in the track view, grab a track from the handle and drag it to the selected playlist.

3) Load the track into the player, open the player and hover the mouse over the track cover on the music player. Then select the Add to playlist option.

4) Open the music player and choose Add all to Playlist

5) In the Playlist view, use the Add tracks button, to easily add music from My Music library section

Android: In this case, there are four different methods to add tracks to an existing or new playlist:

1) In the track or album view, click the track options button and then choose Add to playlist option.

2) In the player view, click the current track options button and then choose Add to playlist option.

3) In the album view, a whole album can be added to a playlist from the Album Options button.

4) You may visit the player Queue and choose Add to Playlist option to add all queue tracks to the selected playlist.

How can I use the player queue?

The player queue helps you listen music without interruptions, so that you can enjoy more and focus in other activities at the same time. Load your queue with music and start enjoying!

From PC: To add a track to the queue, you can click on the Play sign or the Add to queue option from the track options button of the track.

Once the queue is loaded with music, you can reorder the tracks by dragging and dropping. You can also have access to other functions, such as Add all to playlist. If you want to load new songs to the queue, you can select the Clear Queue option, so that you can refill it with tracks, from the beginning.

To add a track to the list, press Play or click on the name of the track in the album’s page. Choose Add to queue option, which you can find in track’s Options button.  

Android & iOS: To add a track to queue, you can click on the Play sign on the cover or on the track title in album view. The option Add to queue is available in the track options button.

Once the queue is loaded with music, you can remove or reorder the tracks by drag and drop, after using the Edit queue option. The option Get All Offline is available, allowing you to synchronize the music in the queue with your mobile, so that you are able to stream it, even when you are not connected with 3G and WiFi networks.

Can you help me use the music player?

From PC:

  1. The cover of the currently playing song is depicted
  2. The total number of tracks in the queue is available
  3. From here you can add a track to a playlist, existing or new and listen to it again
  4. The title and artist details of the track. Click on either of them to go to the album and artist page respectively
  5. Go to Volume control
  6. Use this button to play music and pause streaming
  7. You can also use this button to navigate to the next/previous songs in the queue
  8. You can add the tracks in the queue as-is to a new or existing playlist, so that you can listen to your queue again.
  9. Empty your queue to fill it from the beginning.
  10. Minimize your player. You can always open it again later.
  11. Become a fan of the currently playing track to add it to your playlist
  12. Enable the Add to queue mode. When this mode is on, you can add tracks at the end of the queue with the Play button, without interrupting the music you are listening.
  13. Enable the repeat mode, to listen again to the currently playing track.
  14. Shuffle the items of the queue, so that you can listen to them in random order.

How do I add music to "My Music"?

Music is added to My Music section when you become a fan of a track, album or artist. A track will also be added to My Music section when you add it to a playlist. My Music section is there for you, when you access your accounts both from your PC and smartphone.

How do I become fan of a track?

To become fan of a track, click on the heart next to the track cover, when in track view. When you become fan of a track, that track is automatically stored in your music library. You may also become fan of a track through the player. While the track is playing, just use the player Fan button. 

Android & iOS: To become fan of a track, click on the Track options, when in track view and select the Fan option. Alternatively, when the song is loaded and playing in the music player, you may also use the Fan button, in the music player view.

How do I become fan of an artist?

From PC: To become fan of an artist, click the Fan button, below the fan count, when in artist view. You can also click on the Fan button below the artist name, in search results view.

Android & iOS: To become fan of an artist, click on the Fan button, next to the artist name, in both the Music Activity and the Artist View.


Поиск музыки

I listen to the kind of music I like, but I want to discover more tracks of the same music genre.  

There are many available paths for you to find the music you like. You can use Search and look for an artist, track or album, by using the exact name or part of it. You can also search for music based on music genre from Explore Music.

New Releases and Recommended Playlists are often updated to offer akazoo users the greatest possible variety. Another way to stay up-to-date, is to check the music activity of other akazoo users.   

How can I find tracks to listen to?

The easiest thing to do! You can use Search to look for a track, album or artist’s name and then view the search results. If you are looking for a list, you will find many interesting lists in Recommended Playlists.

Android and iOS: Go to Search at the top of the main page and write the full name of the track/album/artist that you are looking for, or part of it. The fast search results will appear in a pop-up window, while the full results will appear in the results’ page.

You can also use Voice Search, by pressing the microphone icon in search. Wait for the prompt and say what you are looking for.

I am searching, but for some reason I cannot find the correct track/album/artist.  

Akazoo constantly enriches its music catalogue, nevertheless it is possible that the track/album/artist you are looking for is not included in our catalogue. If you really want to find this track/album/artist, you may contact us here

I like a certain kind of music and wish to find more similar tracks/artists.

Akazoo offers a music catalogue with millions of tracks, where you can find all the music genres you like. You can search by the artist’s name and find similar music or you can get ideas from other users’ music profiles, especially if they are fans of your favourite albums and artists and why not, you can even follow them!

I recently listened to a track in akazoo, but can’t remember which. Do you keep record of the music I listened to?

Of course we do!

From PC & iOS: To view your recently heard tracks, go to History, in My Music.

Android: To view your recently heard tracks, go to Recently Played.

I am looking for a particular track, but I can’t find it. Can you do something about it?

Akazoo constantly enriches its music catalogue; nevertheless it is possible that the track you are looking for is not included in our catalogue. If this track is important to you, you may contact us here

How do you choose the music you recommend?

Akazoo aims to offer users the greatest possible variety in music, including all new releases from all music genres in the option New Releases. Similarly, in akazoo Recommended Lists, you will find a great variety of older tracks and classics.

How can I listen to the music that other akazoo users are listening?

Through other users’ Activity, you can discover new music and at the same time stay up to date with your friends’ music preferences!

From PC: When online, you may visit Music Activity, which you can find where the Music Activity of all the users you follow is.

Android & iOS: You can choose Activity from the top of the Main Menu.



Follow пользователи akazoo


How can I tell if the users I follow are online?

You can tell when the users you follow are online, so that you can follow their activity or contact them.

From PC: All your friends appear with their name and photo on the right side panel. When they are online, a green circle appears next to their name and the same green circle is featured in their profile page.

How can I follow another user?

When you connect with Facebook, you automatically follow all your Facebook friends who at the same time maintain an akazoo profile, but you can follow any other akazoo user from his profile page.

Only from PC: You can follow other akazoo users from their profile page, by using the Follow button.

What shall I do for other users to follow me?

Other users can find your profile, by exploring an artist’s or album’s list of fans. They can also see your profile through your Facebook activities. At last, you too can invite friends to akazoo through the list of friends, which can be found on the right side panel of the page.

How can I close/reopen my friends column?

To temporarily close your friends column, choose Close button, which you can find at the bottom of the column. Use the same button to reopen it.


Абонентская плата и тарифы 


What does premium subscription include?

Premium subscription offers you unlimited music streaming from your PC, as well as from your smartphone and tablet through the available Android and iOS applications. With akazoo app you can enjoy offline music and online streaming, via WiFi and 3G networks, anywhere you go.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you think that something doesn’t work properly or if you have any other questions regarding the service, you can always contact us and we will be glad to assist you. 

If you are certain that you wish to cancel your subscription, follow the instructions below and from the moment you cancel it, there will be no additional charges. 

From PC: Go to your Account and then move to your Subscription, from where you can end your subscription by choosing Deactivate your Susbcription

Android & iOS: From the menu go to My Account and choose Unsubscribe

I just cancelled my subscription. Now what?

If you cancelled your subscription, you will no longer be able to enjoy free music streaming. You can though reactivate your subscription to enjoy unlimited music via streaming again.   

When I joined akazoo, I could enjoy music streaming, but now I can only do it on preview mode. Why?

Akazoo offers new users a free trial period that lasts for 2 months. Apparently your free trial period of 2 months has expired and you miss the akazoo music experience! Experience it once again, by becoming a subscriber for €6.49/month. Find out more here!

I believe I was charged more by mistake. Can you assist me?

For information regarding payments, you may contact us here by mentioning all the necessary details concerning your matter. If your allegations are verified, we will return the amount of dispute.

How can I be notified on the expiration date of the service free trial?

From your PC: Choose My Account > My Subscription

Android & iOS: Just check My Account section.

I am currently on the free trial period. When will the service be charged?

After the free trial period is up, and as long as you have not deactivated the service, the monthly charge of the service will begin automatically.

How can I be notified about the date my monthly subscription is renewed?

From your PC: Choose My Account > My Subscription

Android & iOS: Just check My Account section.


Музыкальный контент   


Is the music provided by the service legal?

We have established extensive licensing content agreements with several third parties, allowing us to use the content as provided by the Akazoo service.

I represent an artist/label and found music content in akazoo, which shouldn’t be published. How can I contact you?

For information regarding potential copyright infringements, you may contact us here

I am an independent artist/group. Can I make my music available in akazoo?

For matters concerning music content publishing and licensing you may contact us through this contact form

I am an artist/group and noticed that you published one of my albums. How can I publish more?

For music content publishing and licensing, you may use this contact form

Can I upload my own tracks in akazoo?

Akazoo is a service for music streaming and it offers music, which is available in Cyprus. At the moment, music uploading is not available in our service. You can only listen to tracks which are available for streaming based on your premium subscription.

Can I use akazoo to play music at my business?

Akazoo’s music streaming platform is intended for personal use only, not professional. Find the detailed applicable regulations at Terms & Conditions




How is akazoo managing my personal data?

Akazoo conforms to the Privacy Policy and doesn’t share your personal data with third parties. Find the detailed service’s terms of use here. Akazoo doesn’t keep records of accounts’ history, so if you delete your profile, all your personal data will automatically be deleted from akazoo.

Is it safe to register my phone number with Akazoo?

Of course it is! Your mobile phone number will under no circumstances be shared with any third party and in addition, it is necessary for the monthly invoicing of your akazoo service. Read the detailed service’s terms of use here


Для получения дополнительной информации, Вы можете связаться с нами по akazoo@mtn.com.cy, заполнить контактную форму akazoo или позвонить по номеру 136 (Центр Обслуживания Клиентов ΜΤΝ).


Akazoo – Условия Предоставления Услуги

Akazoo Предложение – Сроки и Условия  


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