Premium Rated Services

Premium Rated Services include content services which are available through specific codes. There are 2 kinds of premium services, SMS or Voice (IVR).

SMS Premium Services are offered through 4-digit codes (1000 – 9999), whereas Premium Voice services are offered through 8-digit codes (90000000 - 90099999 and 90900000 - 90999999) and 5-digit codes (11800 – 11899).

Premium rated services have a different charge than regular services, usually higher than normal SMS and call services and include services like:

  • Audiotext
  • Videotext
  • SMS
  • MMS

Note: SMS sent to the 8000 – 8999 range are free based on the Office of Electronic Communications & Postal Regulations (OCECPR) regulation. 

Premium rated services can be charged as follows:

  • Per call to an (IVR)
  • Per time unit (e.g. minute), and can have a minimum call duration to an IVR (e.g per minute)
  • Per SMS sent or received

Premium Rate Services barring

By barring premium rated services we mean blocking the subscriber’s access to them. Activating the barring is offered to our customers for free.

To activate Barring for Premium Rated Voice Services call:

  • 136 Residential Customers
  • 131 Business Customers

To activate Barring for Premium Rated SMS Services send “PSMS” to 8088 and follow the instructions on screen.

Premium Rated services are open for all customers by default.

  • Premium SMS
  • Premium Calls
  • There are two categories of SMS services:

    Services charged when sending an SMS (MO)

    The subscriber is charged for each SMS sent to a 4-digit short code. Services which belong to this category include televoting and participating in competitions.   

    Services charged when receiving an SMS (MT)
    The subscriber is charged after registering to a service using a subscription charging model e.g. being charged for a fixed amount per week or month. Subscription models vary e.g. charge can be per month or per minimum number of SMS to be received per week.

    To activate such services the subscriber needs to register their phone number online at the service’s website. With the registration, an informative SMS will be sent to him/her containing a PIN code that needs to be inserted on the website to verify the subscription. After submitting the Pin code and ticking the T&Cs acceptance box the subscription is confirmed. As soon as the subscription is confirmed the subscriber will receive informative SMS both from MTN and the Service Provider containing the successful subscription confirmation and relevant information like the charging model of the subscription and how to unsubscribe.

    Most SMS services are provided by Third Parties who are solely responsible for their cost, content and way of advertising and subscribing. To unsubscribe from an SMS service the subscriber needs to follow the instructions provided in the informative SMS received by the Service provider when successfully registering to the service or call our customer care call center.

    Premium SMS are charged out of bundle.  

    We highly suggest that our subscribers read the Terms and conditions of SMS services and the informative SMS sent when subscribing carefully before finalizing their subscription.

    To unsubscribe from an SMS service call:

    • 136 Residential Customer care  
    • 131 Business Customer care

    Or visit one of our shops.

    For all the currently active 4 digit short codes, price and provider contact information click here.

  • Premium calls include premium rated voice services provided by third parties through our network. These services can be: televoting, joining competitions or accessing information databases (e.g. astrology, phonebook, games etc.). Subscribers can access the information through recorded messages or by speaking with trained personnel.

    Premium calls charges are higher and are charged out of bundle.

    Premium Calls can be charged:

    1.      Per minute

    2.      Per call

    For Premium Calls charged per minute the maximum duration of a call cannot exceed 15 minutes and the Service provider is required to inform the subscriber at the beginning of the call about its charge and minimum duration based on the Office of Electronic Communications & Postal Regulations (OCECPR) regulation.